Online builders licence courses

prepare for your builders licence at your own pace, from anywhere.


you decide the time, place and topic you study, you don’t have to wait each week for a session to begin


don’t waste your time and money driving around town to get to a class in time, study from home, office, car, even on site.


you’re in charge of the sessions, study the areas you want to without having to listen to any extra materials you already know

You’ll never have to sit in another classroom again

  1. Relevant content to give you a strong foundation to pass exams the first time
  2. You’ll be able to prepare for you builders licence in hours, not months
  3. Study from anywhere you like at any time of the day
  4. You don’t have to wait for a course start date
  5. Save you from the hassle of attending a class in person
Ned - Mclarnon Build Co

Thanks to the legends at VBR! You have been a wealth of knowledge. Studying with you has given me the knowledge & confidence to move forward with this next stage of my career.

Brett & Josh - VW Building

They helped me prepare with in a depth understanding of exactly the areas I needed to study. I highly recommend VBR if you are looking to pass your builders exams.

Jackson - Kew Build

I can't thank the team at VBR enough for the training to gain my licence. If you're a little underdone in any area, there training makes you feel 100% confident.

You can get your builders licence

1. Buy the course

select the course that suits your licence category

2. Study the content

learn the competencies you’ll be tested on

3. Sit your test at the VBA 

when you’re feeling confident and ready to go

All our trainings are carried out by registered builders who are actively building, so you’ll hear real-world scenarios and experiences.
Our courses are monthly subscriptions so you can study for as long as you need to then finish up when you’ve completed your builders licence journey.
Now’s the time to start the process, so you can stop building for someone else and start building for yourself.


When does the course start?

You’ll get access to your online course immediately once you’ve subscribed.

There are no waits times or intakes.

How long do I have access for?

All courses are a monthly subscription and will be billed on the same day each month from the day you subscribe.

You will have full access to the course during that time.

You can end your subscription when you feel you no longer need the course.

If a payment fails, you lose access to the course until payment is made.

What materials do I need for the course?

Included in each course are plans and spec sheets for plan reading exercises, reference guides for your books and other additional info links to support any of the trainings covered.

This is on top of the videos recorded for each topic in the modules

Books can still be purchased from us, and there will be an order form in the intro section to the course.

Is there any other support during my time enrolled in the course?

There will be email support during your time enrolled in the course.

You can send through any questions you have to us directly via email.

There is also a comment section to each of the recordings where you can post a question and we can answer it in there for others to see.